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Event listener

Listeners play a crucial role in capturing user responses and enabling interactive elements like buttons within flow. These components facilitate user engagement and data capture for seamless interactions.

Button Listener

The Button Listener allows the chatbot to provide interactive features in the form of buttons, allowing users to choose from predefined options or actions during the conversation.

Usage of Button Listener

  • Interactive Buttons: Enables the inclusion of buttons within the chatbot interface, providing users with selectable options.
  • Actionable Choices: Allows users to trigger specific actions or responses by clicking on the provided buttons.
  • Customization: Offers flexibility in designing button layouts and defining corresponding actions or responses.

Capture Listener

The Capture Listener is an essential component of the flow, capturing user replies and storing them in specified locations. It acts as an interface between user input and the chatbot's response mechanism.

Types of Capture Listener

  • Entire Response : Capture the entire user response.
  • Name : Capture the user's name.
  • Email : Capture the user's email address.
  • Phone : Capture the user's phone number.
  • Date : Capture the date input.
  • Time : Capture the time input.

Usage of Capture Listener

The Capture Listener allows you to:

  • Capture User Responses: Collect and store user inputs during conversations.
  • Personalize Interactions: Gather user-specific information like name, email, or phone number for personalized responses.
  • Time-sensitive interactions: Schedule appointments, set reminders, or provide time-specific information.
  • Store Responses: Save captured responses in designated path for future reference or processing.