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GPT Chatbot Integration For Messenger

Step 1: Create New App

Step 2: Developer Console

  • Click on MessengerSetup

Step 3: Messenger Setup

  • Add your Facebook Page

Step 4: Add Meta Page

  • Copy the Page ID and the Generated Access Token for your page

Step 5: Page ID and Access Token

  • Add a random Verify Token (this will be used for later webhook verification), the Page ID, and the Generated Access Token

Step 6: Verify Token, Page ID, and Access Token

Step 7: Paste Webhook Endpoint

  • Paste your webhook endpoint and add the verify token

Step 8: Webhook Endpoint and Verify Token

  • The last step is to Add webhook Subscriptions (messaging, messaging_postbacks)

Step 9: Webhook Subscriptions

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate your chatbot with Messenger. For any questions, contact our team via Live support or Mail Us.