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GPT Chatbot Integration For Instagram


Before integrating Instagram with YourGPT Chatbot, ensure you have the following prerequisites in place:

Setting up Instagram Integration

  1. Go to the Integration Section (opens in a new tab) in YourGPT Chatbot and Connect the Instagram integration if not already installed.
  2. Click Connect Instagram. Proceed to your chatbot settings.
  3. Add the following details in the Instagram section:
  • App ID: Your YourGPT app's identification, created at Meta Developer platform.
  • App Secret: The secret key of your YourGPT app.
  • Page ID: The ID of your Facebook page.
  • Access Token: The access token.

Setting up Instagram

Create a Facebook Page

Create a YourGPT Chatbot App

  1. Log in to Facebook for Developers (opens in a new tab).
  2. Select My Apps and create a new app.
  3. Choose Business as the App Type.
  4. Assign a name to your app.

App ID and Secret

  1. In Settings, under Basic, find the App ID and App Secret.
  2. Click Show in the App Secret text box. Copy both for channel configuration.

Page ID and Access Token

  1. In Messenger settings, under Instagram Settings, click Add or Remove Pages.
  2. Add your Facebook page and copy the number under your page name for Page ID.
  3. Click Generate Token and copy for Access Token.

Submit your App for Meta Review

During Development Mode, your bot is accessible to admins, developers, and testers only. After approval and public release, it becomes available to the general public.

Learn more about the App Review process (opens in a new tab). For troubleshooting, follow this documentation (opens in a new tab) if your app got rejection.