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API Calling

Connecting Third Party Through API Calls

API Calls enable your chatbot to interact with external services, fetch real-time data, or trigger actions during conversations. By using APIs, chatbot can access to a various information and functionalities beyond its core capabilities.

API calling use-cases

  • Live Data Fetching: Retrieve real-time data like weather forecasts, stock prices, news updates or many more.
  • External Actions: Trigger actions such as making reservations, sending notifications, or updating external system information.
  • Data Enrichment: Enhance the conversation by providing additional information or context from external sources.
  • User Authentication: Verify user credentials or access user-specific data from external services.
  • Third-party Integrations: Connect with third-party services to perform specific tasks.

How to use API Calls in YourGPT Flow

Steps to Follow

  1. Set Up API Component: Go to the Flow section in the Chatbot Studio, hover on Advance, and then drag the API Call component onto the canvas.

  2. Configure API Endpoint: Enter the API endpoint URL in the URL field. You can also add query parameters, headers, and other configurations as needed.

  3. Add Headers and Parameters: Customize the API request by adding headers, query parameters, and other configurations. This step ensures that the API call is properly authenticated and formatted.

  4. Test Request: Click on the Test Request button to check if the API is working fine and see the output. This step helps in verifying the API response and ensuring that the data is fetched correctly.

  5. Capture API Response: Use the Capture to option to store the API response in a variable. This variable can be used in subsequent steps of the flow.

Video Part

🌤️ API Used in the Video - To Search Weather:

API Endpoint is : https://api.weatherapi.com/v1/current.json

  • Add a header set the key to key and value to your API key.

  • To run this API, you need to pass the following parameters:

    • q : The city name to search for. Here we are using {{FLOW.City}} to get the city name from the user. City is a Entity which is used to get the city name from the user.
    • key : Your API key. Add this as a header.