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GPT Chatbot Integration For Carrd

💡 Connecting Your AI Chatbot with Carrd


Integrating YourGPT Chatbot with Carrd is a simple process that ensures seamless interaction with your website. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Carrd: Log in to your Carrd account.

  2. Access Site Editor: Open the site editor for the specific Carrd website where you want to integrate the chatbot.

  3. Add an Element: Click on the Add an element (Plus icon) for your website.

  4. Select Embed: Scroll down and choose the Embed option within the Add an element section. This allows you to add custom scripts or HTML code.

  5. YourGPT Chatbot Integration: Visit the YourGPT Chatbot integration page. Copy the code snippet from the integrations section at the top.

  6. Paste the Code: Return to the Carrd website editor and paste the copied Chatbot code into the embed area meant for custom scripts or HTML.

  7. Save Changes: Ensure to save the modifications made in the Custom Code section within Carrd.

Congratulations! YourGPT Chatbot is now successfully integrated into your Carrd website.


Encountering issues? For any inquiries or technical support regarding GPT Chatbot integration with Carrd, contact us at Mail YourGPT Support or Chatbot Live Support (opens in a new tab).

We aim to elevate interaction and provide enhanced value to your website visitors through this integration!