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GPT Chatbot Integration For Carrd

💡 Connecting Your AI Chatbot with Carrd


Integrating YourGPT Chatbot with Carrd is a simple process that ensures seamless interaction with your website. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Carrd: Log in to your Carrd account.

  2. Access Site Editor: Open the site editor for the specific Carrd website where you want to integrate the chatbot.

  3. Add an Element: Click on the Add an element (Plus icon) for your website.

  4. Select Embed: Scroll down and choose the Embed option within the Add an element section. This allows you to add custom scripts or HTML code.

  5. YourGPT Chatbot Integration: Visit the YourGPT Chatbot integration page. Copy the code snippet from the integrations section at the top.

  6. Paste the Code: Return to the Carrd website editor and paste the copied Chatbot code into the embed area meant for custom scripts or HTML.

  7. Save Changes: Ensure to save the modifications made in the Custom Code section within Carrd.

Congratulations! YourGPT Chatbot is now successfully integrated into your Carrd website.

## Installation

Encountering issues? For any inquiries or technical support regarding GPT Chatbot integration with Carrd, contact us at Mail YourGPT Support or Chatbot Live Support (opens in a new tab).

We aim to elevate interaction and provide enhanced value to your website visitors through this integration!