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GPT ChatBot Integration for Intercom

💡 Connecting Your AI Chatbot with Crisp  

Intercom integration allows seamless communication between YourGPT AI Bot and Intercom, enabling efficient customer interactions.


  1. Create an account on Intercom at app.intercom (opens in a new tab)
  2. Enable Intercom from YourGPT dashboard at chatbot.yourgpt (opens in a new tab)
  3. Create an Intercom developer account at developers.intercom (opens in a new tab)

Integration Steps

1. Create an Intercom App

  • Log in to your Intercom developer account.
  • Create the app that you want to integrate with.

Create Intercom App

2. Obtain App ID and Access Token

  • Copy the App ID and Access Token from your Intercom app settings.

Copy App ID and Access Token

3. Paste Credentials in YourGPT Dashboard

  • Paste the copied App ID and Access Token into the YourGPT dashboard.

YourGPT Dashboard

Paste Credentials in YourGPT Dashboard

4. Configure Webhook

  • Add a webhook URL and generate it in the Intercom app webhook settings.

Configure Webhook

5. Verify Webhook

  • Confirm the successful addition of the webhook. You will receive a confirmation message.

Chat Integration

6. Chat Integration (Optional)

  • For more customization and control, implement Canvas kit.
  • Initialize flow webhook URL:
https://api.yourgpt.ai/chatbot/v1/intercom/canvas/{your app_id}
  • Submit flow webhook URL:
https://api.yourgpt.ai/chatbot/v1/intercom/canvas/webhook/{your app_id}

Chat Integration


  • Ensure you have added the interaction key in the custom data to avoid errors.

Interaction Key

  • Add interaction key to avoid this below error:

Interaction Key

By following these steps mentioned above help you integrate YourGPT AI Bot with Intercom.