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Sets allows you to store and manipulate data during a conversation. They can be used to store information about the visitor, session, contact, or flow.

When a Set is used in a flow, the selected variable is updated with the provided value. This value can then be used in later steps of the flow.

How to use Sets

To use Sets, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the desired step in your flow.
  2. Click on Set content.
  3. Select the variable you want to set from the dropdown. You can choose from a variety of options, including:

FLOW (Runtime variable) :

  • FLOW.last_response
  • FLOW.last_utterance
  • FLOW.{variable_of_your_choice}


  • SESSION.status
  • SESSION.chat_mode
  • SESSION.state


  • VISITOR.name
  • VISITOR.region
  • VISITOR.language
  • VISITOR.browser
  • VISITOR.os
  • VISITOR.status


  • CONTACT.name
  • CONTACT.email
  • CONTACT.phone
  • CONTACT.company
  • CONTACT.country
  • CONTACT.city
  • CONTACT.region
  • CONTACT.tags
  1. Enter the value you want to set for the selected variable.