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Connected Chatbots

Connected Chatbots feature allows you to link multiple chatbots together, creating a parent-child relationship. This can be particularly useful in a variety of scenarios, including:

Use Cases

Staging & Production Environments

You can setup a staging chatbot that is connected to the production chatbot knowledgebase. This way, you can test features and updates on the staging chatbot without affecting the production chatbot. Once you are satisfied with the changes, you can push them to the production chatbot.

Custom Setting & Behavior

You can create multiple chatbots with the same knowledgebase but with different settings and behavior. For example, you can create a chatbot for sales and another chatbot for support. Both chatbots will have the same knowledgebase but different settings and behavior. Similarly, you can create chatbots for different integration with different base prompt and same knowledgebase.

Any other parent child usecase

You can create a child chatbot that is connected to multiple parent chatbots. Your child chatbot will aquire the knowledge of the parent chatbots. This can be useful for any parent child based usecase.

How to Enable Connected Chatbots

To enable this feature, follow the steps below:

General settings

  1. Go to the General settings of your chatbot.

Connect Chatbots

  1. Click on the 'Connect Chatbots' option.

By doing so, you can use the power of multiple chatbots, each with their own unique capabilities, and create a more comprehensive and efficient chatbot system.