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📘 Training Guide

Welcome to YourGPT's training guide. This document will help you effectively train your chatbot to provide accurate and helpful responses to your users. We will cover key strategies such as using structured data, FAQs, and best practices for formatting your training data.

Start Training Your Chatbot

Follow these guidelines to train your YourGPT chatbot effectively and ensure it provides the best possible user experience.

Best Practices for Training

ConsistencyUse a consistent format for all training data.
ClarityEnsure questions and answers are clear and to the point.
ComprehensivenessCover as many potential user queries as possible in your training data. The more the chatbot is trained on, the better it will be at handling a wide range of user queries.
AccuracyEnsure that the training data is accurate and up to date.
Periodic UpdatesPeriodically update the training data to reflect new information.
Test FrequentlyRegularly test the chatbot to ensure it's providing accurate responses.

YourGPT Training Options:

  • Links: Train your chatbot by using relevant links.
  • Documents: Implement the training process effectively using documentation.
  • FAQs: Train the chatbot using frequently asked questions.
  • Text: Provide concise and clear text for quick comprehension and implementation.
  • Platforms: Use platforms such as Notion, Google Docs, YouTube, and more for a variety of training options.

Training with Structured Data

Structured data helps the chatbot understand the context and provide accurate responses. Use CSV or DOCX files to format your data effectively.

Here's a table that summarizes the different ways to structure your training data:

Data TypeDescription
JSON LineOrganize data in JSON Line Format.
DOCX FilesUse docx files to structure the data.
JSON FilesJSON files can also be useful to structure data.
Spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX)Spreadsheets are a simple way to structure data.
PDF FilesPDF files can be used to structure data.

📌 Note: structured data is a great choice for improving the accuracy of your chatbot's responses.

using JSON Line format over CSV can be more effective in training your chatbot. You can convert your CSV files to JSON Line format using our CSV to JSON Line Converter (opens in a new tab).

Training with FAQs

FAQs are an excellent method for providing the chatbot with frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers. This helps the chatbot to promptly address user queries.

  • Identify the most common questions from your users.
  • Provide clear and concise answers to each question.