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What are Entities?

Entities are specific pieces of information extracted from user input that provide context to an intent. They are like keywords or phrases that help in understanding the specifics of a user's request.

How Entities works?

  • Entities help chatbot extract the key information from user message.
  • Required entities ensures that intent is only triggered when the user's message contains the required entity information.

For example, in the sentence "Book a flight to Paris on March 5th," the entities would be 'Paris' (destination) and 'March 5th' (date). These entities helps AI to process and respond to the request accurately by understanding the detailed requirements within the user's intent.

How to use them in Chatbot Studio?

  • Go to the Model section in the Chatbot Studio.

  • From the left panel, click on Entities.

  • Click on Add Entity to create a new entity.

  • Define the entity by providing a name and type. For custom entities, you can add short description to help the AI understand the entity better.

  • From the left panel in the Model section of the Chatbot Studio, select Intents.

  • Add the entity to the intent by selecting it from the available options.

📌 Note: When creating the custom entities, make sure that the description are clear & concise as it acts like a prompt. You can add examples in the entity description for better understanding.