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GPT Chatbot Integration For Slack

Register with Slack

To begin integrating Slack, you will need to register on the Slack API site (opens in a new tab).

Create Your First App

Once registered, head to Slack Apps (opens in a new tab) to create your first app.

Create App

Obtain App ID and Access Token

After creating the app, copy the following:

  • App ID
  • Access Token

App ID and Access Token


App Settings

Configure redirect URLs and choose the necessary bot scopes required to access workspace data. Enable bot commands for interaction.

App Configuration

  • Redirect URLs: You need to add a valid URL from your domain as the redirect URL.

Bot Scope

  • Bot Scope: Choose the commands Bot Token Scope.

Auth Permission

Auth Token

Show Tab

Enable Integration

Enable integration using the copied credentials in your app settings. Paste the Credentials in the Application ID and Access Token field.

Enable Integration

Copy the Webhook

Once integrated, copy the generated webhook for further use.

Copy Webhook

Create Slash Command

Create a slash command and paste the webhook into the request URL.

Create Slash Command


Additional Configuration

Additional Configuration

Additional Configuration

Flow Messaging Setup

  • Ensure webhook URL is added for flow messages to function properly.

Flow Messaging Setup Flow Interactivity

  • After a successful response, it will be added; otherwise, an error will occur.

📌 Note: Without using a slash command or mentioning the bot (@BOT), responses will only occur in direct messaging, not in general group chats.

By following these steps, you can easily integrate your chatbot with Slack. For any questions, contact our team via Live support or Mail Us.