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GPT Chatbot Integration For Line

💡 Connecting Your AI Chatbot with Line

To integrate with Line, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up on Line Console: Go to Line Developers (opens in a new tab) and sign up if you have not done already.

  2. Create a Provider

Create Provider

  1. Create a Message API Channel

Create Message API Channel

  1. Copy Channel ID for later use.

Copy Channel ID

  1. Issue the Token required for integration.

Issue Token

  1. Add the following information:
    • Channel ID
    • Generated Access Token

Add Channel ID and Access Token

  1. Add the Copied Webhook for callback functionality.

Add Webhook

  1. Turn it ON to activate the integration.

Turn ON Integration

  1. Verify the Webhook functionality.

Verify Webhook

  1. Test the integration :
    • Download and Install the Line App on your mobile device.
    • Use it to scan the provided QR code. Download and Install the Line App