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AI Task

AI and Knowledgebase The AI task is a powerful feature that allows you to perform any AI task in the runtime.

Data Source:

Data Source include two options one from AI and second from Knowledgebase.

1. AI:



The prompt functions as an instruction for the AI system, guiding it to generate a response based on the given instructions.

Prompt and Memory:

The prompt and memory act as instructions for the AI system, enabling it to process and retain user conversation (Chat Context).

2. Knowledgebase:

AI Knowledgebase

  • Question: Inputting a question or query to retrieve specific information from the Knowledgebase.

  • Instructions: are the guildelines for AI Model how to answer to specific

Common Settings for AI and Knowledgebase

These settings are common for both AI and Knowledgebase data sources within YourGPT Chatbot Studio:

  • Send to Chat: The generated response is delivered to the chat interface for user interaction and engagement.

  • Store Into: The Basic information is stored across various visitor, session, Contact and Flow parameters, including visitor details, session information, and bot-related data.

Configuration Settings

The configuration settings for both AI and Knowledgebase data sources are standardised, offering flexibility and customisation:

  • Provider: OpenAI
  • Model: gpt-3.5-turbo/gpt-3.5-turbo-1106/gpt-4/gpt-4-1106-preview (as per selection)
  • Temperature: 0-1 (adjustable)
  • Max Tokens: 1-2048 (adjustable)