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Start includes Intents and Events components. These components are the starting node components of the flow.

What are Intents?

Intents represent the intentions or purposes behind a users input or query. They help the chatbot understand what the user wants or what action they intend to perform. Each intent typically corresponds to a specific task, action, or response that the chatbot can handle.

Role of Intents

Creating intents is fundamental for linking user inquiries to appropriate responses or actions. To understand user requests and respond accurately and contextually, the chatbot must first associate intentions with appropriate responses or actions.

What are Entities?

Entities are specific pieces of information extracted from user input that provide context to an intent. They are like keywords or phrases that help in understanding the specifics of a user's request. For example, in the sentence "Book a flight to Paris on March 5th," the entities would be 'Paris' (destination) and 'March 5th' (date). These entities help conversational AI to process and respond to the request accurately by understanding the detailed requirements within the user's intent.

📌 Note: When creating Intents and Entities, it's important to ensure they are clear and comprehensible for AI. Avoid overlapping or conflicting with other intents. For Entities, adding examples is recommended to enhance clarity and effectiveness.

what are Events?

Events are the Trigger points for the flow. They are the starting node of the flow. Events are used to trigger the flow when a specific event occurs. For example, new session starts, request human agent, unable to answer, etc.